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By Margery Frisbie

Radishes and Strawberries is the touching tale of a young girl who, after the death of her mother, is left to contend with a distracted father and an embittered aunt. Judith Burns attends a Catholic school back in the days when all the teachers were nuns. They can be strict at times. Is their love and concern for their pupils strong enough to help Judith overcome the tragedy and get through a difficult time?

Younger readers, for whom this novel is intended, will respond to Judith's difficulties dealing with her friends as well as the adults in her life. The story is told in Judith's authentic voice against a background that evokes the Catholic schools of yesteryear and will seem nostalgically familiar to anyone who remembers them.


How to download

1. Go to amazon.com, select "books" and type in "Radishes and Strawberries."

2. If you have a Kindle, just click on book.

3. If you don't have a Kindle and want the book delivered to a computer, a smart phone or a tablet, scroll down and click on "free kindle reading application."

4. This will download the software in the usual way, creating a an icon on your device.

5. When this is done, click on the new Kindle icon. Then click on the book. It immediately downloads and you can start reading.




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