Richard Frisbie
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Margery Frisbie
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The Uncommentator
BLOGS and GLOBS:  I have
been writing a blog since 1966,
only I didn't know  it. In those
days, it came out in the form of a newsletter on paper. Remember paper? It never got lost in cyberspace, although if it got wet enough blog turned into glob. I called it
The Uncommentator
, and tried to make it amusing.  To  read some of my favorites, see contents.

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Story of the Day

Revolt of the Non-Nerds

October, 2013--My wife and I enjoy the BBC dramas of class, like Upstairs, Downstairs and Downton Abbey. But at the end of each episode we always have the same reaction: we’re grateful we don’t have all those servants swarming all over the place.

There is one exception. I would like to summon a Jeeves and say: "Find out why Microsoft Virtual PC won’t download properly on my Windows 7 computer. Also inquire why my email is suddenly less reliable. Fix it all."

"Very good, sir." he would say.

"Meanwhile, please send up the footman with two cups of tea," I might add.

Then when the footman arrives with the tea I would tell him, "Go find Bill Gates. You’re a footman. Use your foot. Give him a good hard kick in the butt and tell him who sent you."

I would feel better already.

Richard Frisbie

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