Richard Frisbie
Author, advertising and
publishing consultant, former
editor of
Chicago and other
magazines, former creative
director of Campbell-Ewald and
other advertising agencies. For
more information, click here. Or see
Who's Who in America or,

Margery Frisbie
Consulting editor, historian, poet and author of several books. For more information,  click here or see

The Uncommentator
BLOGS and GLOBS:  I have
been writing a blog since 1966,
only I didn't know  it. In those
days, it came out in the form of a newsletter on paper. Remember paper? It never got lost in cyberspace, although if it got wet enough blog turned into glob. I called it
The Uncommentator,
and tried to make it amusing.  To read some of my favorites, see contents.

Recent Books by the Frisbies.

Published Trade Books

● 1998 Daily Meditations for Busy Grandpas

● 1975 Basic Boat Building (a Dolphin Book Club selection originally titled Boat Building for Hands Who Are All Thumbs)

● 1969 It's a Wise Woodsman Who Knows What's Biting Him

● 1968 Who Put the Bomb in Father Murphy's Chowder?

● 1965 How to Peel a Sour Grape: an Impractical Guide to Successful Failure

● 1964 Family Fun and Recreation

● 1963 The Do-It-Yourself Parent (co-author with Margery Frisbie)

Marcquis Annuals Written and Edited by Richard Frisbie

● 1998 Where People of the Past Bring History to Life

● 1997 The Day Lincoln Wasn't Shot and Other Stories That Could Have Turned Out Another Way

● 1996 Turning Points With a Twist

● 1995 Health Care and Human Destiny

● 1994 What's for Dinner Tomorrow

● 1993 2003 and Beyond

● 1992 Encore for the Gay '90s

● 1991 The Inconstant Earth

● 1990 Under the Farthest Horizon

● 1989 Mansions Haunted by History

● 1988 Larger-Than-Life Americans

● 1987 Adventure: the Art of Living Dangerously

● 1986 Traces of Adventure

● 1985 Winners and Losers

● 1984 Epic Escapes and Rescues

● 1983 Speculations for Starry Nights

● 1982 Legends That Came to Life

● 1981 The Lure of the Islands

● 1980 Vanished Glory: Towns Where the Date is Always Yesterday

● 1979 Second Starts: It's Never as Late as You Think

● 1978 Future Gazing

● 1977 Looking Back: 1877-1977

● 1976 Bicentennial Biographies


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