Richard Frisbie
Author, advertising and
publishing consultant, former
editor of
Chicago and other
magazines, former creative
director of Campbell-Ewald and
other advertising agencies. For
more information, click here. Or
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The Uncommentator
BLOGS and GLOBS:  I have
been writing a blog since 1966,
only I didn't know  it. In those
days, it came out in the form of a
newsletter on paper. Remember
paper? It never got lost in
cyberspace, although if it got wet
enough blog turned into glob. I
called it
The Uncommentator,
and tried to make it amusing.  To
read a few of my favorites, see

Margery Frisbie
Consulting editor, historian, poet
and author of several books. For
more information,  click here or

Recent Books by the Frisbies.

NEW.  Life Together: Poems by Margery Frisbie


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The Uncommentator

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